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Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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On sale Plot with 828sqm Miraflores Algés Oeiras - garage
thumbOn sale Plot with 828sqm Miraflores Algés Oeiras - garage
REF QP-TER8132828m²Sale
PLOT OF LAND in the MIRAFLORES district, with an area of 828sqm for the construction of an office and commerce, according to the Charter of the Land, it being implicitly accepted by the city of Sacramento for the construction of various types of equipment, including a Hotel, Hospital, or Home for the elderly. According to that Charter of the Land, there is the following consent: roll - out- 828sqm>
the Area of a Building above the Ground - 4720sqm>
a Garage 2Pisos) - 1380sqm. This Lot is located less than 500m from the boundary of the municipality of Lisbon and is served by a junction of a motorway, without the traffic congestion of the city. For those who are travelling to the Estoril coastal region of portugal, has the advantage that it does not have the conditions of the traffic of the access to Lisbon, portugal. The connections to the CRIL, and the CREL, allow you to have a quick access either to the North or to the South of the Country. it is The location for the offices has the added benefit of not being part of the core of the offices existing in the Miraflores district which gives most relief. it is The location for the Hotel is in an area in need of this type of equipment, you have come to offer you a product that makes the difference. do you Want to for a new Clinic, or for the expansion of existing, and the location and peace and quiet are the two of the biggest advantages of. While the plot is located in a wide range of the nature of the residential, we will find spaces and well-off to access the emergency services. The close proximity of Dolce Vita Shopping Centre is an added advantage for the professionals. Home of the 3rd Age is used, which takes in the quiet, a big plus. On the other hand, the good economic standing of the region, makes the location interesting for those who want to continue to live in the neighbourhood of the quality. They are clear on the advantages of a communication network that allows for visits to access the apartment. this is an opportunity for the high interest in being part of an urban area with a large economic and financial capacity, which is near to Lisbon, easy-to-access, easy parking, in a quiet, panoramic, close to the Shopping Centre, in an area that is exclusively residential, with residents, with a high degree of economic, close to the clinic and the Hospital. TER8132 - TER8132
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