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Apartamento T3 Duplex Parque das Nações Lisboa para venda

Tel 211 396 281   Tlm 913 906 668
  • REFPL-7297
  • LocalParque das Nações
  • Área179.30 m² | 207.30 m²
  • EstadoUsado
  • Construção-
  • Vista-
  • Dist.Centro-
  • Dist.Praia-
  • Eficiência Energética
EUR 1.290.000
± USD 1   GBP 1
  • Distrito: Lisboa
  • Concelho: Lisboa
  • Freguesia: Parque das Nações
  • Local: Parque das Nações
  • Tipologia: T3
  • Parking
  • Duplex
  • Closet
  • Suite
  • Nova
  • Spa
MagnificentT3 Duplex overlooking the river located in Torre de São Gabriel. At 110m high, Torre de São Gabriel is the tallest residential building in Portugal, having become an icon of the Lisbon skyline. Situated in Parque das Nações, flanking the Vasco da Gama shopping centre, it has become an emblematic luxury housing development. The tower was designed with inspiration in the simplicity and elegance of the bow of a boat pointing towards the river.
This T3 duplex is a luxurious and spacious apartment with 179m². The first floor is presented with an amazing renovated kitchen, dining and living room with a high ceiling of six meters, and one bathroom. At the second floor, you will find one bedroom suite, two bedrooms, one shared bathroom and one closet with built-in wardrobes.
In addiction, the private condominium offers security 24/7, pool, two parking spaces and storage.
Parque das Nações is a redeveloped region along the Tagus River with green parks and public art, populated by high and middle-class residents and home to a number of businesses. The property is located near to the Vasco da Gama retail mall, across from the Gare do Oriente and the Meo Arena Pavilion. Only a few minutes' walk away are the Lisbon casino and the Justice Campus. The Cuf Descobertas hospital and schools are a 5-minute drive away; Lisbon airport is 3.5km away and Lisbon center is 7km away.
If you are looking for exclusivity and comfort, combined with a privileged location with fantastic views over the Tagus River and the city of Lisbon, you have just found your new home!
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Private LuxuryAvenida da Liberdade, 157 – R/c Dtº
1250-141 Lisboa
  • Telefone
    211 396 281
    913 906 668
  • Website
  • AMI
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