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Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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Sale House 4 bedrooms new near the center Ericeira Mafra - solar panels, attic, balcony, sea view, terrace, automatic gate, garage

Phone 261 866 587   Mob 962 060 521
  • REFER-V19106
  • LocationEriceira
  • Area177.55 m² | 225.50 m²
  • StatusNew
  • Construction2019
  • View-
  • Town Centre-
  • Beach Dist-
  • Energy Efficiency
EUR 339.000
± USD 405.000   GBP 308.000
  • County: Lisboa
  • Town: Mafra
  • Parish: Ericeira
  • Location: Ericeira
  • Typology: T4

Villa T4 of contemporary architecture, with terrace with sea view, located near the center of the village of Ericeira.
Close to schools, commerce and health center.
the Property consists of:
the -1 Floor for the garage, laundry, storage area and bathroom with SHOWER.
ground floor with entrance hall, living room and kitchen in open space with access to patio, BATHROOM with bath.
1st Floor with movement, suite, suite with balcony and walk-in shower in the BATHROOM, 2 bedrooms with access to balcony, 1 bathroom with SHOWER.
2nd Floor with an attic with the use for bedroom/office, bathroom with SHOWER, terrace.
Equipment: kitchen with hob, oven, extractor hood, micro-waves, fridge, dishwasher. Video Intercom, automatic gate system, home automation, electric shutters and solar panels.
Where the sea is more blue – Ericeira, was elected in 2018, the 2nd best village of Lisbon to live, being in analysis, security, access and leisure spaces. Following in 3rd place in the parish of Mafra, the county seat.
Between customs and traditions, land of seafood and surf, Ericeira allows you to slow down everyday in the city, keeping a pace of life enjoyable and a desirable lifestyle, located just 20 minutes from Lisbon.
Hits: A8, and A21.
This region, known as zone saloia, allows you to slow down everyday in the city while maintaining a pace of life enjoyable and a desirable lifestyle.
Located about 20 minutes from Lisbon, access: A8, and A21.
Where the sea is more blue – Ericeira, was elected in 2018, the 2nd best village of Lisbon to live, being in analysis, security, access and leisure spaces. Between customs and traditions, Ericeira is a land of seafood and the surf.
The 3rd place was awarded to the parish of Mafra, the seat of the municipality (currently with 11 parishes).
A village rich in history, marked by the construction of the Mafra National Palace, however geared to the needs of the day-to-day modern.
* All the available information is not a substitute for confirmation by the mediator as well as the consultation of the documentation of the property. *
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Ericeira Real EstateRua Dr. Eduardo Burnay, nº 71, 1º
2655-368 Ericeira
  • Telephone:
    261 866 587
    962 060 521
  • Fax:
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  • AMI
967 952 059
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